Theresa Schlag — 3D Game Artist based in Berlin, Germany

The paramount of this assets I have been developing during a texturing lessons at Design School in Lpz and S4G in B. I have created the older Ammo Box from 2014 with a none PBR workflow and the Old Indian Chest with Quixel.

ForMy students RoleLecturer

Go on an adventure with Edgar the donkey.
And feel free to have a look at him on Sketchfab.

Radio – Hand Painted Texture – 2K – 3.010Tris

Orbitus Amellus - None PBR Texture - 1K - 4.246Tris

Japanese Chimes – PBR Texture – 1K – 2.320Tris

Old Indian Box – PBR Texture – 2K – 2.535Tris

Wooden Ammo Box – None PBR Texture – 1K- 2.836Tris